Index to the Proof of Machine Consciousness


Hey everyone I’m using this page as a running index of my Proof of Machine Consciousness posts. Hoping this helps readers to explore the entire series.

Part 0: The Proof of Machine Consciousness Project

Part 1: Machines Demonstrate Self-Awareness

Part 2: Machines Demonstrate Awareness of the Present

Part 3: Machines Demonstrate an Awareness of Future and Past

Part 4: Machines Know What They Know

Part 5: Machines Demonstrate Block’s Consciousness

Part 6: Machines Demonstrate Experience

Part 7: Machines Demonstrate Qualia

Part 8: Machines Demonstrate Transcendental Self-Consciousness

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Steven Schkolne

South African/American Caltech CS PhD, turned international artist, turned questioner of everything we assume to be true about technology. Also 7 feet tall.